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Trespasser leaves note informing homeowner that he was inside her home

By Mason White 4:07 PM July 6, 2016
Robert Sheets 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested for going into a stranger’s home and sleeping on a couch.

However, the man seemed to be courteous about his crime and left a note, letting the homeowner know that he was inside.

Police said that the 32-year-old woman who lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, came home from work to find a handwritten note on the door.

The note said: “Don’t be scared when you come in, Bob is here.”

The woman entered her house and found 28-year-old Robert Sheets sleeping on her couch. She called police.

Officers who responded, were able to wake Sheets after several attempts, police said. He was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance and he was in possession of several prescription pills not prescribed to him, Southern Lancaster County Regional police said.

The victim’s boyfriend told police that he knows Sheets, but not very well and that he had not spoken to Sheets for some time.

However, the man said that he does not know how Sheets found out where he lives and he never gave Sheets permission to be on the property.

Sheets was charged with criminal trespass and possession of a controlled substance. His bail was set at $20,000.