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Man whose nose broke while being trampled by horse has leg broken after ambulance ran him over

By Mason White 10:04 AM July 7, 2016
Chris Meehan  

By: Feng Qian
A man was injured by an ambulance that was supposed to help him.

The man was injured after a horse trampled him before having his leg broken by the ambulance crew who came to treat him.

Chris Meehan of Ireland, was in Merano, Italy, for a horse race, and while racing, he fell. The horse then trampled his face.

Meehan suffered a broken nose, a black eye and he had a gash on his face that needed 27 stitches.

However, he suffered further injuries when the ambulance that was called to treat Meehan, reversed up on his leg, breaking it in the process.

Meehan was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. He will need surgery for his broken leg.

Ironically, Meehan comes from a family of ambulance workers. He said that his father, brother and aunt all work as EMTs.

“My father actually teaches most people in Northern Ireland and England, how to drive the ambulance. It’s bizarre, you couldn’t make it up,” Meehan said.