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Son asks police to arrest his father for throwing his cannabis plants into a bonfire

By Mason White 4:53 PM July 7, 2016
Cannabis (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A son was so angry that his father destroyed his drugs that he risked going to jail in order to have his father arrested.

The man of Humpty Doo, Australia, called the Northern Territory Police (NT) to report that his father destroyed his cannabis plants.

Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said that officers who arrived at the home, learned that the father burned his son’s cannabis plants.

Police said that the father and son got into an argument before the father threw the contraband into a bonfire outside their home.

Officers said that they asked the son whether he was aware that possession of cannabis is illegal and that he can face prosecution over it, and the son said “yes.”

“He seemed to believe that the destruction of it was much worse than the possession,” Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen said that no charges have been filed against the father or son as the evidence was destroyed in the fire.

After the incident, the son moved out of the family home and he went to live with his relatives.