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Couple gets married in ambulance after groom became sick at wedding ceremony

By Mason White 9:59 AM July 7, 2016
The bride (left) the groom in the ambulance 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple exchanged vows in an ambulance after the groom did not feel well.

The bride and groom of Spain, got married inside the ambulance after the man started to feel weak during the wedding.

The couple was supposed to marry on Saturday, in an administrative building in Madrid, but the 50-year-old groom suddenly began suffering from hypertension and he felt sick.

Family members called an ambulance. Paramedics treated the groom and waited for a while to see if his condition would improve so he can continue with his wedding.

However, when the groom was not getting better, they decided to take him to the hospital.

Despite his condition, the groom insisted that he marry his fiancee in the ambulance before going to the hospital.

Madrid councilwoman Esther Gomez, who was supposed to officiate the marriage said: “The groom felt a little overwhelmed. I told him he could get married another day, but he insisted.”

When paramedics told Gomez that the transfer to the hospital could be delayed for a few minutes, he decided to go ahead with the wedding inside the ambulance.

Gomez got into the ambulance with the bride and the civil ceremony was held with wedding guests looking through the door of the ambulance.

“Usually, I read them a poem, but in this case, with limited time, she only read the articles of the civil code,” Gomez said.

Once all the official documents were signed, the groom was taken to the hospital.