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Football stadium becomes giant bathtub full of water during heavy rain

By Mason White 3:30 AM July 8, 2016
Mingtang Stadium filled with water 

By: Mahesh Sarin
People in China, flocked to a football stadium after it filled up with water like a giant bathtub, following heavy rain, according to photos that were uploaded to the Internet.

The Mingtang Stadium in Ezhou, filled up with water, following a period of heavy rain that flooded nearby streets.

It was the first time in 30 years that the stadium became flooded with water. As a result of the heavy rain and flooding, 27 people have died and 16 are missing.

The total number of deaths as a result of the rainfall across the country stands at 186.

Meanwhile, officials have evacuated thousands of residents whose homes are threatened by the flood water. Photos of the flooded stadium were uploaded to social media sites, where they went viral.