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Gay father joins boyfriend to rape father’s 10-month-old daughter

By Mason White 2:41 PM July 8, 2016
The two suspects 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A gay father and his boyfriend were arrested on a charge of child abuse after allegedly raping the father’s little daughter, according to police in Australia.

Victoria police said that the two suspects, who are both 50 years old, were arrested in Ivanhoe, after being accused of sexually abusing the girl for more than three hours.

The father has been charged with two counts of sexual intercourse with a person under ten years old, and the production, possession and sharing of child pornography.

The father’s boyfriend has been charged with sexual intercourse with a person under ten years old, and use of a child under 14 years to make child abuse material.

According to the police investigation, the men traveled to the home of the child’s mother, and promised to take care of the baby for several days.

The mother had no idea that the men were about to sexually abused the 10-month-old baby for three hours. They also took photos of her and uploaded them on their computers.

Police searched the home of one the lovers, and when they examined their computers, they found child pornography photos of the girl.