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Hotel chef gets fired after bragging about secretly feeding meat to vegetarians

By Mason White 2:38 PM July 8, 2016
Alex Lambert and his Instagram post 

By: Chan Yuan
The head chef of a hotel in the United Kingdom, was fired after he was caught bragging about secretly feeding vegetarians meat products on his Instagram account.

30-year-old Alex Lambert, who worked at the Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, claimed that his favorite thing to do is to secretly feed meat products to vegetarians.

The revelation was made during an argument with a woman on his Instagram account. Lambert told the woman that vegetarians are a minority group and they should find better things to do with their time.

The woman replied that she hoped he will get caught, and wished him to enjoy his heart disease.

Following the exchange, a group of vegetarians urged the hotel to remove Lambert, and threatened to boycott the establishment of he remained on the job.

At first, the hotel denied the request, saying that Lambert made the comments in the heat of the moment and he never actually fed meat products to vegetarians.

However, after the movement to boycott the hotel gained steam around the world, the hotel decided to terminate Lambert.

Lambert said that the comment was stupid, and he never fed meat to any vegetarians.

“We have investigated all accusations against Mr. Lambert, and found no evidence suggesting that any of these practices have taken place within this hotel. However, due to the comments made by Mr. Lambert regarding specific dietary requirements, the company has decided to terminate his employment,” the Littleover Lodge Hotel wrote on Facebook.