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Health inspector shuts down restaurant after bug falls from ceiling onto his iPad

By Mason White 10:31 AM July 8, 2016
Man using iPad (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A pizza store in Florida, was slapped with violations and was shut down after a bug fell from the ceiling of the restaurant and onto the iPad of a health inspector.

The inspection was carried out in the Argenti Pizza restaurant in Tamarac last week.

The inspector said in his report that there were several other bugs in the establishment other than the one that dropped onto his iPad.

The restaurant was shut down following the inspection.

The inspector wrote that he observed dead cockroaches in the premises, including ten dead bugs between the wall and a table in the kitchen.

He saw another two dead bugs on the shelf that held plates above a freezer. The inspector saw fifty dead bugs under the kitchen utensils and four dead roaches on a large mixer.

He also saw nine dead roaches in a freezer, two dead roaches on the floor next to the freezer, twenty dead roaches on the floor below a sink next to a hole in the wall and 75 dead roaches in the floor next to a cooler.