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Owner of supermarket pays $11,000 for 30 red grapes

By Mason White 3:28 AM July 11, 2016
The Ruby Romans 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) The owner of a supermarket in Japan, will proudly display a bunch of grapes, which cost him $11,000.

Takamaru Konishi said that he will use the grapes to lure shoppers to his supermarket and will allow them to taste some of them.

The 30 red grapes were the first Ruby Romans of this season.

The grapes, which are super sweet,was grown in Ishikawa.

People in the country typically pay high prices for fruits, and often shell out large amounts of money for high quality items.

Usually, consumers purchase fruits as gifts to people who are of higher status, such as the CEO of a company. A single apple can cost up to $3.

Melons are sometimes sold for $100 a piece. Last year, a couple of melons sold for more than $12,000. Konishi said that he is very happy and honored to be in possession of the grapes, calling them true gems.

This was the highest amount ever paid for grapes.