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Two young boys prank their father into believing they had to go to school dressed up in costumes

By Mason White 9:07 AM July 11, 2016
Harrison and Reuben Goodridge 

By: Feng Qian
Two young boys in the United Kingdom, love to play pranks on their family members.

However, one day, they took things too far, convincing their father that it was “fancy dress day,” during which they had to come dressed in costumes to school.

Their father Geraint Goodridge of Wales, asked his boys what they want to use as costumes and he helped them.

6-year-old Harrison dressed as Transformer, while 5-year-old Reuben was Woody from Toy Story.

The proud father took photos of his boys in the car before heading out to school.

The boys were all smiles as their father took them to school.

When he dropped them off at school on Friday, Goodridge looked around at the other kids at the Glyncorrwg Primary School in Neath Port Talbot, and he realized that his kids where the only ones who were dressed up.

Goodridge then asked the teacher “It is fancy dress, isn’t it?” When she said “no,” “I just burst out laughing,” Goodridge said.

He had fallen victim to a hilarious prank. Goodridge said that his boys stayed with the costumes for the rest of the school day.

The father said that his sons come up with pranks together as they are very close in age, but he admits that “this one was their best one yet.”