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Bat bites woman in the neck while cleaning swimming pool

By Mason White 3:00 PM July 11, 2016
Bat (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman was told to check herself into a hospital after being bitten by a bat while cleaning out a swimming pool, according to police in Illinois.

Will County health officials said that this was the third rabid bat attack that has been reported this season.

The latest attack happened against a woman in Crete. She sustained two bite injuries while cleaning a swimming pool at a residence in Crete.

The bat bit her on the neck and hand. While trying to protect herself from the attack, the woman injured the bat and it fell to the ground.

The woman called the Will County Animal Control because she was concerned that the bat was badly injured. Animal control officers picked up the animal to be tested, and found that the bat was rabid.

The woman was told to proceed to the nearest hospital for further treatment. July, August, and September, are prime months for bat encounters.

Officials urged the public to report any contact with a bat, or other warm-blooded animals to the nearest Animal Control authority as soon as possible.