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Married woman accidentally suffocates her lover by hiding him in suitcase after her family members woke up to noises

By Mason White 5:47 PM July 12, 2016
Suitcases (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Three people were arrested on a charge of murder after a married man who had sex with a married woman was found dead in a suitcase, according to police in India.

Punjab police said that they have arrested the father of Rani Bibi, along with his two sons after allegedly holding the suitcase down until 22-year-old Mushtaq Ahmed Baloch died due to lack of oxygen.

The three men were all charged with murder.

According to the police investigation, Baloch, a married father of one child, was having an affair with his married cousin, Bibi, who is a mother of two.

One night, Baloch snuck into the home to have sex with Bibi while her family slept. The two made noises, waking up her father and two brothers.

Bibi quickly locked her lover into the suitcase in order to hide him from her father. When Bibi’s father came into the room, he heard Baloch screaming for help as he was suffocating.

The father and the sons refused to open the suitcase, and Baloch died after 15 minutes. Bibi’s husband was out of town for work.