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New ‘live fish bra’ trend causes stir

By Mason White 10:07 AM July 12, 2016
Woman with “fish bra” 

By: Feng Qian
Woman are causing quite a stir with their new craze of using live fish to cover up their topless bodies.

While many women don’t like to go fishing, they go along with their loved ones for the ride.

Now, the new craze that is sweeping the United States, might get a lot more women out on the water.

This strange craze calls for women to use any size, color or shape fish as a bra to cover their modesty. For some reason, it is proving to be very popular.

The women take photos of themselves either on boats or on the shore, holding a fish near their chests and they upload the photos to #fishbra, where there are countless of photos of women holding up all kinds of sea creatures as bras.

Some women manage to create bras out of two starfish.