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Woman sues construction company after worker fell on her car and his brain spattered all over the vehicle

By Mason White 1:55 PM July 12, 2016
Joseph Sabbatino 

By: Feng Qian
A woman is suing a construction company after their subcontractor fell and died after hitting her car.

Donna Crockett and her husband Jamie Crockett of California, are suing the Turner Construction company.

In the lawsuit, the couple claimed that the construction company allowed the man to jump to his death from a hi-rise building that was under construction.

36-year-old Joseph Sabbatino was doing electrical work at the 600 block of South Figueroa Street, when he fell to his death about 12:30 p.m.

He landed on top of Donna’s car. She claimed in the lawsuit that she was traumatized by seeing his “brain and other internal bodily matter splattered across her vehicle and the surrounding scene.”

The building project general contractor said that Sabbatino of Palmdale, had no reason to be above the third-floor structure.

The couple alleges that the construction company should have known that Sabbatino was unfit for the job and that the company was negligent by hiring him.

After the incident, Donna was taken to a hospital, where she was treated by a crisis management team, and she is still receiving therapy due to what she witnessed, according to the lawsuit.

Donna said that she has been unable to return to work at the Macy’s store near where the incident occurred because of her emotional distress.

Jamie Crockett has suffered from a loss of affection that he once had with his wife, as well as the income that he is no longer able to take home.

The coroner ruled the worker’s death as a suicide.