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27-year-old mother of 6 children has sex with men in chicken coop to save enough money to move to Florida

By Mason White 3:10 PM July 13, 2016
Sarah Bradehoft 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother of six children was arrested on a charge of prostitution after allegedly having sex in a chicken coop in exchange for cash, according to police in Wisconsin.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 27-year-old Sarah Bradehoft, after being accused of advertising her sexual services on

Bradehoft was charged with child neglect causing bodily harm, recklessly endangering safety and prostitution. An undercover police officer set up a meeting with Bradehoft, after she created an ad on

Posting under the name Sabrina Clark, she offered sex in exchange for cash. Police have also been receiving complaints that Bradehoft was neglecting her six children, who are under 10 years old.

Family members told police that Bradehoft moved into their home after leaving Florida. Bradehoft told officers that she had five customers, and had sex with them in the chicken coop on the property.

She said that she needed money to return to Florida. The two-year-old child of Bradehoft, tested positive for amphetamine, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Child Protective Services took the six children into custody.