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Bombardier builds new airplanes with wider seats and larger windows to accommodate big passengers

By Mason White 3:18 AM July 14, 2016
The first CS100 aircraft 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Overweight people who want a more comfortable ride when flying overseas, can now book flight with airlines using the all new plane from Bombardier, which is based in Canada.

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced the delivery of the first C Series aircraft.

The first plane was delivered to Swiss International Air Lines.

“The aircraft performed exceptionally well during its acceptance flight, as expected,” said Thomas Kluhr, Chief Executive Officer of SWISS.

“Along with the CS300 aircraft that we’ve also ordered, the C Series fleet will allow us to perfectly tailor our capacity to demand on various European routes, while providing an excellent travel experience for our passengers.

“We congratulate Bombardier and our own SWISS teams on this milestone delivery as we now turn our focus to the CS100 aircraft’s entry into service,” added Kluhr.

The C Series aircraft as the first right-sized aircraft in the 100 to 150-seat market segment in nearly 30 years.

The first CS100 aircraft is scheduled to enter service with SWISS this week, with its maiden commercial flight taking passengers from Zurich, Switzerland, to Paris-Charles de Gaulle in France.

SWISS will gradually replace its Avro RJ100 fleet with the C Series aircraft.

Additional C Series aircraft will be used to replace other existing aircraft as well as permit moderate future growth.

The C Series family of aircraft, representing the fusion of performance and technology, is a 100 percent all-new design that offers operators up to $13 million extra value per aircraft.

Bombardier has placed considerable emphasis on cabin design to ensure a superior passenger experience.

The aircraft offers 19-inch-wide seats that set a new industry standard, large overhead bins that accommodate a carry-on bag for each passenger, and the largest windows in the single-aisle market.

Together these attributes create a wide body feel that offers passengers an unparalleled level of comfort.