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Pokemon Go helps woman catch her boyfriend cheating with his former girlfriend

By Mason White 9:11 AM July 13, 2016
Evan Scribner 

By: Feng Qian
A man is blaming his being caught cheating on his misjudgment while playing Pokemon Go.

Evan Scribner of Queens, New York, said that he is now single due to Pokemon Go, as he was caught picking up a Pokemon character at his former girlfriend’s apartment.

Pokemon Go has only been in the market for a short time, and it is already receiving blame for at least 11 robberies and a stabbing.

Now, the man blames Pokemon for his break up. Scribner claims his girlfriend him discovered his cheating through the mobile game.

Scribner said that his girlfriend went through the history of the game, which allows people to see where one picked up Pokemon characters.

In the history, the woman saw that Scribner picked up a Pokemon character at the home of a former girlfriend in Brooklyn.

Scribner said that his sneaky girlfriend broke up with him, seeing that he has been at his former girlfriend’s home thanks to the Pokemon game.