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Man beats friend with frying pan for urinating on couch where someone had to sleep after party

By Mason White 9:05 AM July 13, 2016
Couch (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested for hitting his friend for urinating on his couch.

Police in Uppsala, Sweden, were called to a home after the man hit another in the head with a frying pan.

The 40-year-old suspect was arrested on a charge of assault after hitting his friend for urinating on his couch during a party.

Police officer Tommy Karlsson said that the victim “peed on a couch that someone was supposed to sleep on that night.”

The victim was taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

Police said that they took a pet tortoise from the home so they can look after it while its owner was away as it “would otherwise have had to be left home alone.”

“This is the first time we had to take care of a tortoise here,” Karlsson said.