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Woman jumps off toilet after 15 foot long snake crawled out of bowl

By Mason White 3:15 AM July 14, 2016
The snake 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman in Thailand, jumped off her toilet seat and fled in panic after a long snake crawled out of the bowl while she was relieving herself.

38-year-old Nareerat Sri-nhampong of Chonburi, said that she jumped off the seat just in time before the snake was able to bite her.

Sri-nhampong called for help, and a team of animal control officers arrived at the scene to look for the snake. The officers used a hammer to smash the tiles of the bathroom to find the snake.

After an hour of banging, the officers found the reptile hiding in a hollow space under the floor. When they finally managed to get the python out of its space, they placed it in a secure bag and removed it from the scene.

The snake measured 15 feet long. Sri-nhampong revealed that several months ago, she was bitten on the leg by a snake while using the toilet.

She does not know whether it was the same snake.