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27-year-old man kills himself after losing his life savings on bet that France will win Euro 2016

By Mason White 11:40 AM July 14, 2016
Fidel Nikitin 

By: Wayne Morin
A young man in Russia, committed suicide after he was unable to repay his debt and lost all his life savings on a bad bet, according to police.

27-year-old Fidel Nikitin of Izhevsk, decided to wager $3,040 that France will win the Euro 2016, but Portugal won.

Instead of being able to repay his debts and earn some money as a result of the bet, Nikitin lost everything. That is when he decided to end his young life.

Nikitin, who sold cellphones, left a message on his social media account after the 1 to 0 defeat, saying “thank you and please forgive me.”

Nikitin then went to the Ludzya-Izhevsk train tracks and ran in front of an oncoming train. The driver said that he had no time to stop the train after seeing the man on the tracks.

Nikitin’s family members that he had recently taken out several loans and was unable to repay the lenders. In a desperate attempt, he placed a bet with all the money he had left, but that didn’t work out on his favor.