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Backpacker killed after her backpack got stuck in tractor trailer while getting a free ride

By Mason White 4:54 PM July 14, 2016
Alixe Stoffel 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman of France, who was on vacation in Australia, died in a freak accident.

19-year-old Alixe Stoffel and her friend hitched a ride with a tractor trailer from Gin Gin to Brisbane.

When they arrived, the two got out of the truck at the Nudgee service station, where Alixe’s bag got trapped in the vehicle.

As Stoffel got out, her backpack got stuck. She attempted to free it, but the driver did not see her and began driving away.

She was hit by the truck and dragged along the ground. Surveillance video showed witnesses struggling to help her, but the young tourist died at the scene.

The teenager recently wrote on her travel blog that she had fallen in love with Australia, and was happy to be starting her life as a young, independent woman there.

Stoffel’s family made arrangements to get to Queensland to take her body home.