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Mother sues Meijer supermarket after being forced to pump breast milk in computer server room equipped with surveillance cameras

By Mason White 2:36 AM July 15, 2016
Meijer supermarket location (illustration)  

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A former employee of the Meijer supermarket chain filed a lawsuit against the company after allegedly being forced to pump breast milk in a room that was equipped with surveillance cameras.

Rachel Keesling of Lapeer, Michigan, said that she suffered emotional distress after being told there is probably a video of her pumping breast milk on the Internet, as the computer server room was equipped with numerous surveillance cameras.

Keesling wants the company to give her $25,000 for sex discrimination, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Keesling is married and has two children. Keesling began working at Meijer as a part-time employee.

About three months after giving birth to her daughter, she told her supervisors that since she is breastfeeding, she would need breaks to pump breast milk in a private area.

Keesling was initially said to use a conference room, but sometimes it was not available.

From time to time, she had no choice, but to use the bathroom.
By law, a company is required to provide a room for mothers other than the bathroom.

Keesling was eventually allowed to use the computer server room for pumping, but after using it two or three times a day, she discovered that there were full of surveillance cameras.

She was then told that the cameras allowed people to see everything and that it was likely to be a video of her on the Internet.