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Man gives his donkey giant cigarette to smoke to calm it down

By Mason White 5:27 PM July 14, 2016
Donkey smoking cigarette 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man in China, recorded himself giving a large cigarette to his donkey in order to calm it down after a hard day of work.

The man of Zhangye, who was not identified, said that he hand rolls giant cigarettes for his donkey as it causes the animal to calm down when it is agitated.

The video shows the donkey smoking the cigarette that was held up to one of his nostrils. The donkey managed to puff smoke from the cigarette that contained firewood.

It inhaled the smoke with one of its nostril and exhaled through the other. The donkey’s owner said on Wednesday, that it enjoys smoking cigarettes when it is in a bad mood.

This was not the first time that donkey was recorded smoking a cigarette. Last year. A group of soldiers recorded themselves rolling a large cigarette and putting it into a donkey’s nostril.

The donkey is then seen smoking the cigarettes for several minutes, enjoying himself with the smoke.