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Boy swallows pin and pushes three pen refills into his belly button for $30

By Mason White 1:51 PM July 15, 2016
Pen (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A boy who won $30 as part of a bet ended up spending thousands of dollars in medical bills after swallowing a pin and pushing three pen refills into his belly button, according to doctors in China.

16-year-old Wang Chuan of Jinan, was rushed to a hospital after swallowing the pin and pushing the pen refills into his belly button, following the $30 bet with his classmates.

Surgeons faced difficulties treating Chuan, as surgery could have damaged his intestines. To have the pin removed, doctors gave the boy laxatives, and luckily, the pin was excreted the following day.

The boy did not suffer any puncture wounds as a result of swallowing the pin. Doctors spent four hours to locate and extract each pen tip from the boy’s belly button.

The doctors said that the position of the pens kept moving, making it difficult for them to grab hold of the refills.

Doctors said that even though Chuan won the bet and the $30 he still lost as the medical expenses cost him thousands of dollars.