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New baby stroller allows mothers to charge their cellphones and play Pokemon Go outside with their children

By Mason White 6:14 PM July 17, 2016
4moms moxi stroller 

By: Tanya Malhotra
New mothers who want to go outside to play Pokemon Go with their children, can now do so with a new baby stroller that comes with a cellphone charger.

The new “4moms moxi stroller” allows mothers to stroll around their neighborhood for hours and still be connected to all their mobile apps without worrying about losing battery power.

This will allow new mothers to play Pokemon Go for hours along with their babies. Not only does the stroller have a beautiful and modern design, but it also comes equipped with “power on board.”

There are electric generators in the rear wheels, which give you the ability to illuminate pathways and be seen at night, to use both headlights and taillights, charge your cellphone, track temperature, time, distance traveled, speed and battery level via an LCD screen.

The stroller can be used with children from birth and up to approximately 55 pounds. The seat can be used both front and rear, and has 3 recline positions.

Through the “4moms” app you can connect to view your trip history, adjust stroller settings and customize your calorie burn rate.

The price of the stroller was set at $700.