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Man who bragged about buying world’s most expensive pure gold shirts beaten to death in front of his son

By Mason White 1:44 PM July 17, 2016

By: Datta Phuge
A man who became famous after spending a fortune of money on a gold shirt, was killed by people who owed him money.

The man of India, shot to fame three years ago, when he bought the most expensive shirts that was made entirely of gold.

48-year-old Datta Phuge paid $247,000 for the shirt that was made with more than 3 kilograms of gold.

He was also often seen wearing expensive gold, bracelets, and medallions with heavy gold chains.

When he was asked about his obsession with gold he said: “Some people want to own an Audi or Mercedes, and have big cars. I chose gold.”

Phuge worked as a money lender in Pune, where he was called the “golden man.”

On the fateful night, Phuge and his 22-year-old son were invited to a birthday party in an open field.

When he arrived, 12 people attacked him. Phuge was severely beaten by the group while his son watched helplessly. Phuge was killed by the group, but they did not hurt his son.

Police believe that one of the suspects had a dispute with Phuge over money.

Police confirmed that four people have been detained for questioning.