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Man breaks into his former girlfriend’s home with backpack full of sex toys

By Mason White 3:55 PM July 18, 2016
Jeffrey Vanderhoff 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of burglary after allegedly breaking into the home of his former girlfriend along with a backpack full of sex toys, according to police in Florida.

Volusia County police said that they have arrested 56-year-old Jeffrey Vanderhoff, after being accused of stalking his girlfriend for months before entering her home without permission.

Vanderhoff has been charged with unarmed burglary and stalking. He was booked into the Volusia County Jail, pending a bail hearing.

The victim told police that she saw her former boyfriend on surveillance cameras entering her home on Wednesday.

Vanderhoff had been calling and texting her over the last few months ever since they separated.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found Vanderhoff sitting on the back porch of the house with two USB memory sticks belonging to the victim.

He was also found in possession of handcuffs, leather whips, a mask, and other sex toys in a backpack.