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Disabled woman refused to move from work zone so workers laid pavement around her

By Mason White 3:09 PM July 20, 2016
The woman sitting in center 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A disabled woman of the United Kingdom, held a lone protest in order to get what she wants.

Workers who wanted to place asphalt on the ground, were met with the stubborn woman, who reportedly demanded that they add a ramp from the road to the sidewalk so that she can go down easily with her walker.

The disabled resident of Birmingham, sat on her walker in middle of the sidewalk on Greenfinch Road.

Workers began laying the asphalt, and when the woman refused to move, they laid asphalt around her, leaving an empty spot where she was sitting.

Wesley Woolery, who witnessed the bizarre incident, recorded it on video and posted it to the Internet.

“I just couldn’t believe this woman stayed there, considering the heat coming off that tarmac,” he said.

“I saw what was happening and thought it was so bizarre, I had to record it,” he added.

The woman’s determination paid off as the workers returned to finish the work and they added the ramp she demanded.