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Ice cream store delivers frozen treats with drone to people relaxing on beach

By Mason White 5:05 AM July 21, 2016
Drone delivering ice cream cones to beach 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) People in the United Kingdom, who are relaxing at the beach, will no longer have to get up and go to the ice cream shop to get a frozen treats thanks to a drone delivery service.

This week, the Mablethorpe Rock & Ices of Mablethorpe, delivered to ice cream cones to a couple on a beach using a drone.

The deliver was recorded on video, and the footage was uploaded to Facebook, where it went viral.

A spokesperson for Mablethorpe Rock & Ices, said that customers can order frozen treats using a smartphone app, and get their ice cream within a few minutes.

Drone operator Michael Kheng uploaded the video to Facebook, showing a powerful unmanned aircraft delivering the ice cream cones to people sitting on the beach.

Kheng said that the unmanned aircraft can carry up to 10 ice cream cones at a time. The video shows the owner of the store preparing to ice cream cones and placing them on a tray attached to the drone.

The drone then flew out of the store and rose in the sky. It then headed for the beach and lowered itself to two waiting customers.

The man and the woman got up from their beach chairs and grabbed a cone. The drone then flew away.