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Mother fears for her 9-year-old daughter’s life as she mysteriously sneezes 8,000 times a day

By Mason White 5:28 PM July 20, 2016
Ira Saxena 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A mother of the United Kingdom, took her little daughter to many doctors after she began sneezing around 8,000 times a day.

9-year-old Ira Saxena of Colchester, started sneezing numerous times a day earlier this month.

Along with the sneezing, she is suffering pain, which is keeping her home from school. The sneezing also forced her to give up her hobbies of painting, singing and swimming.

Her worried parents, Priya and Sapan Saxena, have been to doctors, specialists and even a therapist to get to the bottom of the sneezing and make it go away, but no one knows what is wrong with the girl.

Ira complained that when she still went to school, her classmates did not want to sit near her, claiming that her illness is contagious.

Ira sneezes up to 8,000 times a day, but luckily, she does not sneeze at night. Some doctors believe that Ira’s brain is sending the wrong signals.

The doctors did a lot of tests, and do not believe that the girl’s life is in danger. The parents have tried everything, including antihistamines, nasal steroids and oral sprays.

They also tried antibiotics, penicillin, and homeopathic medicine.

This week, Ira went for hypnotherapy, and in that session, which lasted an hour, she did not sneeze, strengthen the theory that her problem has something to do with her brain.