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Police officer smashes window of boiling car to free dog that was left to die from heat

By Mason White 2:29 AM July 21, 2016
Police rescue dog from hot car 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) People are praising police officers in Spain, after they smashed the window of a boiling car and rescued a dog that was dying from the heat.

The Guardia Civil uploaded a video of the rescue operation, showing a police officer using a tool to smash the front passenger window and releasing the dog.

“Fellow ‪officers rescued a pit bull that was locked in the interior of a hot car parked in the sun. Volunteers of the Humane Society were there and helped the dog come back to life.

“The owner of the dog faces a charge of animal abuse. Never leave a dog locked in a car,” the police wrote on Facebook.

The video of the rescue effort shows the police officer breaking the window of the vehicle before helping the desperate pit bull to the ground.

The dog can be heard breathing heavily and wheezing before getting into the shade and collapsing on the ground in the city of Alicante.

The dog then begins to wag its tail and licking water from a container on the ground. Officers then used a sponge with cold water the wash the dog down.

The dog could have died if it remained in the car for another few minutes.