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Driver rams vehicle into police cruiser while playing Pokemon Go

By Mason White 1:30 PM July 21, 2016
Police officer standing next to their car hit by driver playing Pokemon Go 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A police officer is lucky to be alive after a driver who was playing Pokemon Go on his smartphone slammed into his cruiser, according to police in Maryland.

The Baltimore Police Department released a video, showing the driver of an SUV slamming into the police cruiser while the officer was standing next to the vehicle.

T.J. Smith, who is the public relations officer for the Baltimore Police Department, said that Pokemon Go is only a game, but it is not meant to be played behind the wheel of a car.

The incident occurred early on Monday, when three officers were standing next to a police patrol car. The body camera of one officer captured the moment that the SUV slammed into the police cruiser.

Police then ran after the driver, who had stopped the car at the end of the block. Moments later, the driver stepped out of his car, showing the game on his cellphone to the officer.

He admitted that he was looking down when he slammed into the police cruiser. The man, who was not identified, told police that is what happens when you play a stupid game while driving.

No injuries were reported.