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Actress Brooke Shields saves $8,000 art piece from pile of garbage after janitor mistook it for trash

By Mason White 3:20 PM July 21, 2016
The art piece 

By: Wayne Morin
Actress Brooke Shields saved the day for an actor after a janitor mistook his art piece for garbage.

Artist Will Kurtz made a sculpture to look like a garbage can filled with discarded trash.

Next to it on the floor, was a handmade raccoon. The art piece was titled “Keep America Great Again.” It was valued at $8,000.

However, the janitor confused the art for trash. He did not remove the raccoon or the trashcan, he only threw away the brightly colored trash from inside the can.

The art piece was selected to be part of a show by actress Brooke Shields. She was the one who realized that the “trash” was thrown out so she decided to act quickly to recover the garbage.

She found the janitor and he pointed to a pile of clear plastic bags filled with trash. Shields reportedly looked through the bags, and recovered the discarded art.