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Drunk man is killed by train while begging his girlfriend to take him back

By Mason White 2:42 PM July 21, 2016
Train (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man of the United Kingdom, was killed while begging his girlfriend to take him back.

The father of three children, who was identified as Philip Edward Davies, 35, died of multiple injuries after being hit by a train while he was standing on the tracks.

Police in Chester, said that Davies was on the phone with his girlfriend, who is the mother of his youngest child, and he asked her to allow him to come home.

He told the woman: “You have got 15 seconds to say something different or the train is going to hit me,” before the line went dead.

Davies was killed on impact. An autopsy revealed that he had drugs in his system, according to court records.
His girlfriend told police that the two had a happy life together until his son from a previous relationship came to live with them and caused arguments between the couple.

Thing got so bad, that according to the girlfriend, Davies assaulted her and she called police. He was arrested and the two split.

One that fateful night, Davies send text messages to the woman, asking her to come home, but she ignored him. He then left her a voice message saying: “I’m going to a better place.”

He also sent his mother a text message saying: “I love you mom and always will. Thanks for being amazing.”

He then walked to the Shotton train tracks to commit suicide, but before he did so, he called the woman he loved to see if she would give him another chance and take him back.