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Tattoo artist jailed for drawing male private parts on woman without her permission

By Mason White 3:04 PM July 21, 2016
Getting a tattoo (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman came to a tattoo artist in Austria, to get a nice tattoo on her lower back, but she received something totally unexpected.

The woman called police and the tattoo artist was arrested.

The 21-year-old woman told police that she went to get a tattoo in the town of St. Polten, where the artist showed her a design template for Chinese symbols, and she chose a Yin Yang.

In Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang describes how opposite forces are actually complementary to each other, or in a relationship it can represent two people completing each other.

However, when he was done and the woman looked in the mirror, she was horrified to see male private parts with the word F**K next to it.

When a judge asked the tattoo artist why he did so, he replied: “just because.”

The tattoo artist, who has a criminal history, was found guilty of causing bodily harm.

The judge sentenced him to 3 and a half years in an institution with mentally abnormal offenders.