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Teen shot dead after breaking into home to catch Pokemon

By Mason White 2:49 AM July 22, 2016
Jerson Lopez de Leon 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teenager and his friend were shot after breaking into a home to catch Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go on their cellphones, according to police in Guatemala.

Chiquimula police said that 18-year-old Jerson Lopez de Leon, died after being shot while playing Pokemon Go with his cousin, 17-year-old Daniel Moises Picen.

According to the police investigation, the cousins walked along the train tracks when a van stopped near them. A person in the vehicle opened fire on the teens and they both sustained gunshot wounds.

Police found 20 shell casings at the scene. Leon and Picen were taken to a hospital. Leon died, but Picen was treated and released.

Leon’s mother Rosalinda said that her son was in bed when Picen called him and asked to play Pokemon Go. Police confirmed that the two victims had been hunting for the virtual creatures when they were attacked.

Police believe that the teens were shot because they broke into a home to catch Pokemon.