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Restaurant sells deer heads and brains found in garbage cans outside butcher shops

By Mason White 4:02 AM July 25, 2016
Deer (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
The owners of a restaurant are facing jail time after admitting to selling deer heads and brains that they found in the trash outside butcher shops, according to investigators in Pennsylvania.

54-year-old Shi Eng and her husband, 66-year-old Chun Eng, are accused of collecting the deer body parts from the trash and using the meat to feed customers in the New China House Restaurant in Lititz.

The owners have been charged with 16 violations, each carrying a sentence of up to three months in prison. Chun also pleaded guilty Agriculture Department safety violations as the restaurant was dirty.

He was ordered to pay a $1,200 fine. According to investigators, officers raided the restaurant after receiving a confidential tip.

The officers found several hundred pounds of deer heads, brains and other parts at the restaurant. The couple initially claimed that they did not use the deer to feed customers, but they later pleaded guilty.

The couple took discarded deer parts from the trash at butcher shops, and used them to prepare food at the restaurant. The couple collected discarded deer parts for four years.