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Two women mauled by tiger after getting out of car in a zoo during fight with male driver

By Mason White 2:26 PM July 25, 2016
The woman arguing with her husband before the attack 

By: Feng Qian
A young couple went for a day trip to a safari and took along a middle-aged woman and their young child.

Sadly, one woman was killed and the other was seriously injured after getting out of the car during a fight with the male driver.

The couple was touring the Badaling Wildlife World near the Great Wall of China, where officials warn visitors not to leave the car as wild animals are roaming free.

However, during the trip, the young woman got into a fight with her husband, who was driving the car.

Graphic videos of the incident show the wife storming out the front passenger seat of the car. She then walked around the car and opened the driver’s side door.

As she stood next to the driver, a tiger pounded on her and dragged her away.

The man ran out and tried to save his wife. The older woman soon jumped out of the backseat, and went to help rescue the younger woman.

Sadly, the older woman was mauled to death by the Siberian tiger. The younger woman survived, but is said to be in critical condition.

Staff members at the park came to the family’s rescue, but they were unable to save the older woman.

The husband survived and the child who was in the car, was not injured.