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Pastor ties hands and feet of 9-year-old boy with chains for a month because he stole meat from his stepmother

By Mason White 2:39 AM July 26, 2016
Francis Taiwo and Korede 

By: Wayne Morin
A pastor was arrested on a charge of child abuse after allegedly tying up the hands and feet of his 9-year-old son because he stole meat from his stepmother, according to police in Nigeria.

Ogun police said that they have arrested 40-year-old Francis Taiwo, who is a pastor at the Key of Joy Celestial Church, for keeping his 9-year-old boy locked up for a month.

He was charged was child abuse, assault and child neglect. The pastor admitted that he tied up his son Korede, because he stole meat from his stepmother Kehinde Taiwo.

Francis said that he believed that his son was possessed by demons and by keeping him locked inside the church, the demons will leave his body.

On Saturday, police rescued the boy from the church. He had a chain around his neck and secured to a pole. Police received a tip-off from a neighbor.

Kehinde was also arrested on a charge of child abuse. The young boy was handed over to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, after he revealed that he wasn’t given food and had to steal from his stepmother’s pots.