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Sweet 19-year-old disabled woman lives in a plastic bowl

By Mason White 5:39 PM July 25, 2016
Rahma Haruna 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A young woman has dreams like many other adults of owning her own business.

However, things might be much harder for her as she is disabled and she lives in a plastic bowl.

19-year-old Rahma Haruna of Kano, Nigeria, was born a healthy baby, but at 6 months old, her parents realized that she was not developing like other children her age.

They soon discovered that a mysterious condition caused her arms and legs to stop developing properly.

Her mother, Fadi, said that her daughter is in constant pain and she spent a lot of money seeking medical help, but so far, nobody was able to find out what was wrong with her.

Rahma is being carried around in a small plastic bowl.

However, her 10-year-old brother Fahad, who adores her, said that on a recent trip to the supermarket, a kind hearted man saw their plight and bought them a wheelchair.

They now place the 19-year-old’s plastic bowl into the wheelchair during their daily walks.

The man also published photos of Rahma in a newspaper, which led to people helping the family with their disabled daughter.