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16-year-old girl wakes up in the morning and finds crocodile in her toilet

By Mason White 3:03 AM July 27, 2016
Crocodile in bathroom 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a crocodile was left in the toilet of a home, freaking out an entire family, according to police in Australia.

16-year-old Coralie Myers of Darwin, said that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked into the bathroom on Monday morning.

Police believe that the crocodile was dumped in the toilet of the home as a prank. No suspects have been identified.

Myers said that she really had to use the toilet in the morning, and luckily, there was another one in her house without a crocodile in it.

The prankster tied the crocodile’s mouth, but its limbs were free and could move around. Tom Nichols, who is a crocodile catcher, was called to the scene to remove the 6-foot-long reptile.

Nichols said that luckily for the family, the crocodile was in very bad shape and was unable to move. The crocodile was taken to a farm, where it will be nursed back to health.

Myers revealed that walking up to a crocodile in the bathroom is not as creepy as the thought that a person broke into their home and left the reptile there.