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Hospitalized man pleasures himself in front of nurse before urinating on floor

By Mason White 3:09 PM July 26, 2016
Nurses (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure after pleasuring himself in front of a nurse while he was hospitalized, according to police in Australia.

Now, Ross Yulidjirri of Darwin, has been sentenced to serve 5 weeks in jail after being convicted of breaching an Alcohol Protection Order and gross indecency.

According to the police, Yulidjirri was arrested and taken to the hospital after being found drinking in the street despite being prohibited from drinking alcohol by the court.

Ylulidjirri was so drunk that he was taken to hospital to sober up. While lying in a bed, he exposed his private parts and began to pleasure himself furiously in front of a nurse.

When she expressed her displeasure at this, he urinated on the floor. Yulidjirri’s blood alcohol content level was at 0.295, which is almost six times the legal limit for driving.

Yulidjirri had 25 previous convictions for breaching the Alcohol Protection Order. Yulidjirri claimed that he does not remember the incident, and was ashamed of his actions.