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Man loses his wife and children after choosing to save his mother over them during flood

By Mason White 11:32 AM July 26, 2016
Gao Fengtai 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was placed in a horrible situation when he was forced to choose between saving his wife and his mother, and it seems like he made the wrong choice.

Gao Fengtai, a hardworking man of China, said that as he left from work, he learned that there was a red alert for heavy rainstorms.

Fearing a possible flood, Fengtai rushed back to his village to look after his mother, who lives alone, while his father lives with his family.

He waited at his mother’s house for three hours as a precaution, but thankfully, nothing happened.

Exhausted from his long day, Fengtai returned home and fell asleep.

After midnight, his wife learned that the flood is coming to their village.

She woke up her husband, but instead of staying with his family, he immediately ran to his mother’s house.

Once he had made sure that his mother was safe, Fengtai ran back home, only to find that his wife had boarded up the door to keep the water from entering.

He shouted to her to take their children and his father to the roof of their home and he then left again to be with his elderly mother.

The wife took their two children and his disabled father to the roof, where they were safe.

Soon, the flood was gone, but so was his wife.

She left him with their 2-year-old son, four-year-old daughter and 2,000 yuan ($300) in cash.

Fengtai now realizes that he made a mistake by choosing to protect his mother over his wife and children.

He is trying to come up with a way to win his wife back.

Fengtai said that he understands that his wife does not want to be with a man that cannot protect his family in time of need.

“I can’t imagine what went through her mind when I left her to help my mother. Abandoning my mother would be reprehensible, but leaving my wife behind was unacceptable as well. I know she must be so disappointed in me,” Fengtai said.

Fengtai praised his wife, saying: “she is a good wife and has a strong personality, and she always takes good care of my parents.”

When asked whether he could have helped his family get to the roof top first before going to rescue his mother, he said: “it was impossible, I wasn’t sure who I should save first,” he said.

People uploaded photo to the Internet, showing the aftermath of the floods that damaged a lot of homes in the area.