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Angry plane passenger beats up police officers because his flight was delayed

By Mason White 3:53 AM July 28, 2016
Angry plane passenger beating up police officers 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly beating up several police officer because his flight was delayed, according to police in Germany.

Frankfurt police said that they have arrested the man identified on as English, after getting extremely angry when his flight was delayed and letting out his frustration on police officers.

The attack was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.

The video shows the man who was identified by witnesses as a Muslim, kicking and punching two officers at a Lufthansa check-in desk.

The other travelers in the background are heard heckling the passenger, but they did not intervene. The confrontation ended when the man suddenly fell to the ground.

The rest of the man’s family, including two Muslim women wearing hijab, surrounded the police. Some passengers said that the man was upset because security tried to check under the veil of his wife.

Police said that several thousand passengers were stranded at the airport due to bad weather. The suspect became verbally aggressive and threatened the airport staff, forcing the federal police to intervene.

The Muslim man and the police officers involved in the fight, suffered minor injuries.