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U.S. woman and Irish man apologize for having sex in public in Thailand

By Mason White 5:06 PM July 27, 2016
The couple apologizing 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A man and a woman got together during a night of drinking and had sex in public in Thailand.

A video of a incident that was uploaded to the Internet, shows the woman wearing her underpants and a bra while the man was in his underpants and shirt.

Residents who witnessed the act near The Hussin House Hotel on Phi Phi Island, became angry and berated the couple. They then ordered them to stop.

At first, the two kept going, but they stopped when they were informed that police have been called. The couple apologized and walked away, but they were soon arrested.

A Thai police spokesman said that the 21-year-old woman from the United States, is an exchange student and the man was a 24-year-old tourist.

The two were taken into custody. They have each been ordered to pay a fine of $60 for performing a sex act in public.