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Mother of rapist arrested for threatening her son’s victim so he does not go to jail

By Mason White 11:51 AM July 27, 2016
Lynette Sue and Joshua Humphrey 

By: Lynette Sue and Joshua Humphrey
A mother who apparently did not raise her son right, tried to keep him out of prison by threatening his victim.

According to police, 55-year-old Lynette Sue Humphrey of Michigan, called her son’s rape victim and left a voice message, threatening to beat her up.

However, she was unsuccessful in her quest to have the witness recant her statement by intimidating her.

Police arrested Humphrey, and she now faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of witness intimidation as a third-time habitual offender. Her bail was set at $20,000.

Her son Joshua Humphrey, 34, and Larry Donell Stiff, 32, have been charged with drugging at least two women and raping them in two separate incidents.

Investigators believe that Humphrey and Stiff may be responsible for additional date rapes involving at least a dozen victims.