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Police seize motor scooter from man driving it with sack of potatoes lying on foot rest

By Mason White 5:31 PM July 27, 2016
Motor scooter carrying sack of potatoes 

By: Feng Qian
A man lost his motor scooter after police noticed him driving dangerously with a sack of potatoes lying on the foot rest, according to police in the United kingdom.

West Yorkshire police said that on Saturday, the driver and the motor scooter was seen to be riding at a high speed on Dudley Hill Road towards Bolton Road.

He wasn’t displaying a plate on the rear of the scooter and was stopped on Norman Avenue. The rider also had a large bag of potatoes resting between his feet on the foot plate.

This bike and rider had been stopped by the same officer last month on Wrose Road, for the same offenses. On that occasion, he had hedge trimmers and a bag of washing detergent balancing on the foot rest.

A warning was given on that occasion, and he was stopped from riding further. Sadly, the rider chose not to act on the advice given at that time.

The bike was seized for the repeat driving license offense, and he was also charged for using a vehicle for an unsuitable purpose.

He is scheduled to appear before a judge at the Bradford Magistrates Court.

“Clearly, he didn’t expect to be seen or stopped again, and so he thought it was okay to ignore the police warning,” police wrote on Facebook.