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Baby tries to breastfeed from bare-breasted statue in museum

By Mason White 3:05 AM July 1, 2016
The baby 

By: Feng Qian
A young boy is bringing laughs to people over his hilarious mistake.

The young boy was spending time at a museum with his mother when he spotted a female statue that had exposed nipples.

The boy looked at the woman for some time before he moved closer and began breastfeeding.

His mother, who found the incident very funny, was laughing hysterically. When the boy realized that their was no milk coming out of the woman’s body, he let go.

Someone took photos of the curious boy and his antics, and uploaded it to the Life of Dad’s Facebook page.

The photos were shared many times and had a lot of comments. Most people found it to be funny.

Rosie Sanchez said: “Perfectly natural. Good boy.”
Michael So’oto wrote: “Hey, a free lunch is a free lunch.”
Neb Nedder wrote: “It’s not just babies who do this. I am guilty as well.”

Frankie Ferari added: “Sure cute when he does it, but when I do they ban me.”