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School employee fired for posing in sexy calendar to raise money for injured soldiers

By Mason White 2:56 AM July 1, 2016
Keira Goodwin in one photo for Heroes For Hotties 

By: Chan Yuan
A school employee who made sure that kids are adjusting to life in school, was fired after photos emerged, showing her posing in sexy clothes for a calendar that raises money for injured soldier of the United Kingdom.

30-year-old Keira Goodwin of North Yorks, has helped raise 30,000 pounds ($40,344) for injured soldiers by posing in the Hotties For Heroes calendar.

Goodwin posed with a gun, wearing a khaki-colored bikini.

When the Giggleswick boarding school found out about the calendar, they fired Goodwin. Goodwin was angry about the school’s decision and filed a lawsuit against them for unfair dismissal.

Her lawyer told a court that Goodwin was devastated by the loss of her job.

Goodwin, who is a mother of one child, said that she is very proud about her charitable work, and her employer made her feel that she should be ashamed of raising funds for injured soldiers.

She vowed to continue to pose for the sexy calendars, which come out once a year. Goodwin is seeking compensation for her unfair dismissal.