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Three Walmart employees arrested after shoplifter died while they held him down until police arrived

By Mason White 5:26 PM July 31, 2016
Nathan Allen Higgins, Crucelis Nunez, and
Randall Eugene Tomko 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man lost his life and three people lost their jobs over stolen merchandise.

Police in Florida, were called to a Walmart Superstore after 64-year-old Kenneth E. Wisham, was seen stealing items from the store in Lakeland.

When the three employees tried to prevent Wisham from walking out of the store with the stolen merchandise, he resisted and he tried to flee.

The workers tackled Wisham outside the store and he subsequently died.

Police said that the three Walmart employees used excessive force to restrain Wisham, who was accused of stealing $400 worth of DVDs.

Police arrested managers Nathan Allen Higgins, 35, and Crucelis Nunez, 23, as well as Randall Eugene Tomko, 58, who is a loss prevention worker.

They have all been charged with manslaughter after an autopsy showed that Wisham died of mechanical asphyxiation while being restrained, police said.

The autopsy also revealed that Wisham sustained 15 broken ribs during the altercation.

Bail for Nunez was set at $20,000. Bail for Tomko was set at $30,000. Higgins received a much smaller bail of $2,500.